About Us:


“If Virtue and Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great Security.”Samuel Adams


The website is created, primarily to inform, educate, and empower the marginalized who have limited access to legal services. It provides pro bono services via the internet to ordinary Filipinos who feel aggrieved for breach of their rights or may want to know their basic rights as citizens of this country.


It is also available for foreigners who want to study Philippine laws, and enrich their understanding of its judicial system.  A venue for legal scholars, both local and foreign to burnish their written works, review and supplement works of others.  Using this interactive platform, the users can post law-related questions and expect to be answered by credible professionals.


This website showcases collective works of lawyers and other professionals who have drawn inspiration from the human rights work of their colleague from Southern Philippines, Neil Pacamalan. It is also the site for faceless clients who may be in need to consult, verify and learn about their rights,  and responsibilities to others and their country.


“Neilpacs” as he is fondly called by his friends, has made his lifetime commitment of helping the poor and the underprivileged through legal education. Neilpacs has done more than a decade of voluntary works in a human right center in Northern Mindanao as paralegal and then a pro bono lawyer. He traveled to remote Barangays to conduct legal education.


This inspiring work was temporarily put to a halt only to bring him closer to more people in different parts of the Region. As a professional, he wants to make sure that the marginalized could continue to access him as long as there is internet in the area. He believes that he can still serve them through virtual interaction. This site intends to make legal assistance and information readily accessible to his  “palanga”, the Mindanawons.