Q: I have been outside the country for years now as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). My husband and children are in the Philippines. Months after I left the Philippines I learned that my husband left our residence and cohabited with another woman and has not been communicating with me ever since. My children are now in the custody of my mother. I have no intention of preserving the marital relationship, what I want now is to annul my marriage so I can move on. Can I now proceed to file an annulment case in the Philippines?

Q: My co-teacher in public elementary school who is legally married is having an affair with another man and they are in fact living in the same roof like husband and wife. Her husband is also living in with another woman and they have children of their own. As a concerned citizen do I have a legal action against my co-teacher for immorality?

Q: I am a foreign national vacationing in the Philippines. I met a Filipino woman who is already separated from her husband but their marriage has not been annulled. I am planning to bring her to my own country and there she will file a divorce against her husband. Is this possible?

Q: My husband, a foreign national died in the Philippines leaving behind five parcels of real properties in this country. Months before his death, he had an affair with another woman who is now in possession of the last will and testament bequeathing three parcels of land in her favor? Do I have the right to claim said properties?

Q: My daughter, an OFW died several months ago leaving behind a huge fortune of bank deposits, a ranch, and a beach resort. She was survived by her minor daughter and a drunkard husband who is now managing the fortune. I am worried that the husband might spend everything before the daughter reaches the age of majority. How can I help her?